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RIDON printing and advertising Privet limited company is well organized company by the vision of being best printing and adverting company in Ethiopia, it registered with the ministry of trade and industry and Broadcasting Authority under registration number 288/2007 


1.Company Name: RIDON Printing  and Advertising company 


Tel: +251-912200343


Email Address : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




To make RIDON printing and advertising company a leading printing and Advertising company in Ethiopia 



⦁RIDON printing and advertising P.L.C  is committed to provide  quality products and attractive professional services to the suitable information for the tourism sector and for any relevant user.     

⦁Develop strong link and partnership with government and business organization related our service  



⦁Provide quality production in professional manner

⦁Consciously and visibly build and utilize a strong sense of team identity and commitment.

⦁Sense of belongingness and moral responsibility.

⦁Environment of criticisms, openness and honesty.



⦁Working any creative printing services such as printing books, posting digital print design graphics etc

⦁Working related projects in different social argument 

⦁Organizing events panel, exhibition 

⦁Book publishing

⦁Publishing yearly directory and creative art works.

⦁Dissemination of information in telephone services.

⦁TV and radio commercials

⦁Encourage and support art works.



6.company Target organization (customer)

⦁Any legal organization needed quality printing service and commercial advertizing.

⦁Business organization, government organization, non government organization (NGOs), advertising companies..

⦁Bank and Insurance 


⦁Guest House

⦁Tour and Travel





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