Printing Services

Customers now realise that print has tangible value, as it appeals to the senses and enables an emotional connection.

Digital Print Design

Our digital print designs are done meticulously and are meant to attract audiences' attention

Graphics Design

With images, symbols, and even words, we aim to design alluring graphics to our customers


We contact, qualify, and canvass prospective customers using telecommunications devices such as telephone, fax, and internet.

TV and Radio Commercials

Radio and Tv advertising are most effective and they both continually develop new ways to reach target audience

Publishing Directory and Artworks

We also provide the annual directory and creative art works publishing services

Featured Malls

Here are some of the most popular malls in Addis Ababa

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Friendship City Center Management

Friendship City Center is a shopping center located an international airport, area of the mall laying on 2000.sq meter with more than 9 floors, The mall have more than 106 different service of shop, around 94 Governmental and non- Governmental organizations offices ranging, first Hipper market, enthusiasm place for young and Children, having a big restaurant which service national and international meal and brimming with facilities such as Banks, ATM.

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Morning Star Mall Developmeny

A contemporary mall located in commercially vibrant and fastest growing hotels and entertainment district located at bole Medhanealm, laying on 2,420 Meter square, with 200 assorted shops and over 30 business categories,graced with wide corridors and stairs ample circulation. There are a different professional offices, Bank, IT research center. The mall provide ample parking lot that has a capacity of 150 vehicles open air and under ground

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Zefmesh Mall Design

One of the biggest mall complex in Ethiopia, located around Megenaga. Situated on nine thousand Sq. meters to accommodate a seven floor house for entertainment and refreshment ranging from hypermarket to boutiques and shopping centers are part of its huge offer in Addis with an excess size of a parking lot that serve up 300 cars at once. Moreover refreshment is widely available by varieties of providers.

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Featured Event

July 17 event Image

The Friendship Event

It was an Open Mic Event with over 400 people gathering to witness it. . It was an Open Mic Event with over 400 people gathering to witness it. The event is planned with the intent to motivate people to take the stage and present their works as well as feel free to perform as they wish.

July 31 Image

The Friendship Event

Anxious to see how the Friendship Event evolves every week and seeing all of you take part in its evolution side by side with the Ridon Events Team. See you Every Tuesday from 6:00-9:00PM at The HQ Irish Pub.

August 7 Image

The Friendship Event

The poetry section of this weekly event presents the opportunity to get 500 copies FREE printing from Meseyat Magazine for the compiled works of poets that perform on six consecutive Tuesday’s for the Friendship Event at HQ and win the audiences round of applause.


In the past Meseyat mall guide megazine has been published. Different malls in Addis Ababa has been featured in the megazine.

first edition Image

First Edition

The first edition was published in 2014.

second edition Image

Second Edition

The second edition featured merekato, ethiopian female athletes and magic plant moringa.

third edition Image

Third Edition

In the third edition yeha was featured. The third edition descusses tourist attractions.

fourth edition Image

Fourth edition

Fifth edition Image

Fifth edition

Fifth edition covers what to see in Addis Ababa.

Portfolio Image

Seventh Edition

Seventh edition has about Ethiopia and the perfect adventure.